If you ask anyone, they'll tell you that red is the colour of blood.
Red is the color of evil. It is what most people associate with bad omens.
For me though, red is the color of despair. The color of all my fallen tears.
It's the color which brings me my greatest discomfort.
Red reminds of moments i wish could be buried beneath and salvaged to be nothing more than a distant past.
To me, red is also the color of hope, It's the color which shines the brightest during my darkest days
The color red gave me friendship.
It empowered

it motivated

It taught me patience and gave me the strength to keep marching forward.
When it seemed like there was nothing left, there was always red. It was always present to share its luminescent light.

Red is a colour of hopes, dreams, tears, struggles - the color of despair, betrayal but also the one of belief.

Red is the colour of cassiopeia
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Yunjae's relationship

I honestly feel 95% sure that yunjae didn't date or really do anything
to me it feels like that threshold relationship where they're both insinuating but not really starting.
It's like the feelings were there but they were too scared ? unsure ? to do anything about them.
Yunjae had potential enery.
but just not kinetic.
guess they lacked the activation evergy needed to get the reaction going
going to forever relate chemistry and biology to things i do.
it just makes life and inside jokes that much more funny.
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DBSK Goods

Selling some of my DBSK items :3


Hey guys, I'm 17 years old and live in the Narnia of Kpop AKA Canada. I'm trying to clear off some of the DBSK / JYJ items that i have,
and so i'm putting them all up for sale.
Feel free to buy anything that catches your eye ;)

  • Serious buyers only !

  • Prices may be negotiated, but please be reasonable

  • Prices are all in CAD, Payment will also be in CAD

  • Paypal payment is accepted along with concealed cash | I'm not responsible for concealed cash though.

  • Prices don't include shipping


  • Once payment details have been exchanged (adress), you can't backout or you'll be blacklisted

  • Shipping will be made from Toronto Canada

  • Fill out the order form if you'd like to make a purchase

  • Posters can be enclosed in a tube or shipped folded, it's your choice ! Poster tube is $2 extra

  • Items will be shipped after receiving payment / After payment clears

  • International Shipping can be done but it may be expensive ._.

Order Form
Item Number:
Location (Country/City):
Payment Method:
Total Amount:
If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a reply or inbox me ^_^
--- ITEMS ---
Posters are around 40*30cm
All posters are $3
All postcards are $0.50
4 Buttons - $1.50 each ; $5 if you want all 4
1.75 Inch, so they're a pretty good size
The Secret Code Tokyo dome 2009 Official Face towel, Great collectible ; Not sold anywhere else - $20
Mint Condition
Never used for anything, just displayed
Original size is much wider than showed in the photo - I folded it
I can give exact dimensions if required
KYHD Official Poster [Ver.1] - $8
Super Big, Comparison with Catch me album Shown
Exact dimentions can be given if required
Incredible official Album poster - $4
Keep your head down Official Poster [Ver.2] - $8
Super big, almost half a door in size
Catch Me official Album - $20
2 Available, Never oppened beffore
I can provide more photos upon request

Using Livejournal

So, i'm thinking that maybe i should start using livetounal a bit more.
Honestly i'm only not using it because i don't really have anything to post,
i dunno.
Maybe i'll just post the few things that i do have, so this place isn't a walking desert.

Bambaya ~

(no subject)

Seriously i dont post anything on here, i never have.
i just wanted LJ :< 
uhhh and alot of things require an acc.
i dont even know what to write on here though.
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